Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Deja Vu

Remember that time this time last year that my eating was completely out of control and I fell of the train and sprained my ankle quite severely?

Well, 12 months later almost to the day my eating is once again out of control and at netball I sprained the opposite ankle.

I'm taking this as a sign.

Last year despite being injured I decided enough was enough. I signed up to weight watchers and took some ownership of my life, shedding 20kg.

Since before the wedding things in my life have started going awry, and it's really messed me up.
- Husband's nana got really sick a few weeks before our wedding
- We moved house the weekend before our wedding
- The day we started moving house I got a phone call to say my nana passed away
- Nana's funeral was 2 days before our wedding
- Our car died (and won't be coming back) 2 days before our wedding
- Our beautiful Bengal got sick last week and we have spent $650 getting her back to good health
- My father in law is in hospital at the moment

It just feels like there has been this crazy chain of events that just keep hitting us. I keep waiting for life to return to a simpler time just like last year where all I had to stress about was work, exercise and healthy eating. 

I don't want to make excuses, but I started stress eating before the wedding and it became a habit. I feel like I'm back to square one with the only difference being I'm not obese. I'm now overweight, my weight has crept up to 76.4kg... Scary stuff.

On a brighter note, I picked our baby up from the vet hospital tonight and she is in good spirits. The reunion between her and her little brother was so cute to see. So many kitty kisses!
So... what's the plan from here? Because I always have to have a plan!
Tomorrow I'm going to bite the bullet and re-join Weight Watchers. I will commit to 2 months of their plan and then assess how I am going and whether I feel strong enough to switch to calorie counting alone. Their plan always motivates me when I am starting out, because realistically that is the hardest time in the journey.

Exercise - I need to get my ankle healed which may mean putting exercise on hold. I will need to be very careful with the food intake until I'm back into it. I really hope it's a minor sprain although playing a full game of netball after I had done it probably wasn't the best plan.

Wish me luck, tomorrow may be a humbling experience :( I feel like such a phony to come on here after all my success and confess that I have reverted back to binge eating copious amounts of chocolate every day but honesty is the best policy I guess...

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