The Programme

I've tried all sorts of weird and wonderful diets, as well as the tried and true like Weight Watchers.

This time around I stared off counting calories as it's just one number and there are great tools around to make life easier. I track my food on Myfitnesspal and initially I'm aiming for 1410 calories per day which should see me lose up to a kilo a week.

On top of calorie counting I also ordered a body media FIT from Amazon which I found massively useful as an educational tool, just to show how little I was really moving.

In April my weight loss had stalled completely so I bit the bullet and joined weight watchers. I love their online tracker and their programme fits in so well with my life. 

I'm also very mindful of the type of food I'm eating. I could easily spend my calories on rubbish processed food, but I know I wouldn't be full for long, and I also know my body wouldn't be getting the nutrients it needs. I aim to eat very little processed food and I'm pleased to say that at least 6 out of 7 meals out of our kitchen are made from scratch. I do this with the help of my subscription to the Healthy Food Guide magazine (also, their website is an awesome tool as well). 

I make room in my daily meal plan for a treat every day, normally a glass of red wine or some dark chocolate. And I can't live without my trim lattes, although I am trying to cut down for the sake of my bank balance!

For now, this is working. I have the high protein, 6 meals a day diet up my sleeve in case I plateau or really want to shed that last little bit before the wedding!


  1. i am on fitnesspal too ....we should become friends on there.

  2. I LOVE healthy food guide mag :)