Friday, June 22, 2012

A conversation at work drinks...

He: What? Don't you eat McDonalds?
Me: Sigh... I'm kinda on a wedding diet
Other He: Yeah, she is super disciplined!
He: Yeah I kinda noticed you look, like, COMPLETELY different. But I didn't know what to say, I mean, what do you say?
Me: Yeah... people's reactions are pretty funny. Noone has come out and said woah I remember at xmas you were like, quite fat.
He: Well, you look normal, it would be weird to tell someone who looks so normal that they use to look, well, a lot bigger.

To be honest, when I sense people staring at me, watching their eyes and watching their minds ticking over, if they don't comment it kinda annoys me. I've worked really hard, and they probably admire my work yet don't give me credit.

Funniest comment so far:
"Have you like lost a lot of weight or something?"

Or something????

By the way... 82.0kg this morning. I may not update this blog much but I am still slogging away here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where to?

I'm feeling a bit lost on my weight loss journey. I think I'm suffering an identity crisis of sorts.

You see, at first I was "girl who wants to lose weight but can't"
Then I was "girl who is losing weight with weight watchers and no exercise"

That was not really the person I have ever wanted to be though. And the buzz of losing each week is beginning to wear off, it's becoming normal. Dare I say it, I'm beginning to get bored of losing weight???

I don't want to mess with a winning formula, I am worried that if I try to change what I'm doing I'll stop seeing the results I've been seeing. But at the same time, I know that I'm not fuelling my body in the best way possible and I'm not making fitness a priority at all.

Is that ok?

Am I being too perfectionistic? Should I just accept that right now, I am working out a few times a week (sometimes just one) and losing a consistent amount of weight each week by sticking to my weight watchers points and still eating 4 points of chocolate or steamed pudding each night? With the occasional jet plane snuck in?

I don't know how I'm feeling. I feel like I have my body back from a few years ago, but not my muscles. I worry that I am not eating high protein anymore.

But it's working!!! I hear you scream. Yup, it is. But I am not happy with my habits... Do something about it? Or wait till I plateau and deal with it then?

Tomorrow BF and I are joining a boxing gym (that's right, not talking about it - DOING it). Maybe that will motivate me to find some fitness? I am totally uninspired by winter and by my current gym. I have an appointment at Les Mills on Saturday to do a free Pump class, can't wait. I just miss intense exercise so badly. All the time I was obese I wished I could run and jump the way I could when I was fit, now I'm light enough I'm barely doing anything about it!

Here's to tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


It was breathtakingly beautiful, relaxing and amazing.

We ate delicious cheese, tasted great Central Otago wine, drank mulled wine in front of the fire, ate in fancy restaurants, had a movie night in the hotel, rode the gondola and did the luge.

Soooo nice!

I managed to keep my eating balanced and I also killed it at the gym on Friday night as a last chance pre-holiday workout. I dropped 1.2kg this week bringing me to 83.8kg. The lightest I have been since Uni. Boom.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Killing it

Dear bloggy, not much time to chat but I wanted to stop by and say I am absolutely killing it. 84.5kg popped up on the scales this morning! Woot! I know you might be feeling ripped off about lack of updated progress pics, they are coming! I have taken them but to be honest I don't see much progress other than in my thighs. Phooey. I see it in the mirror though and I feel it so that's something.

Wanna know something?
It's really awkward running on the treadmill with both hands holding your pants up. My clothing situation is becoming more than ridiculous! 

Tomorrow BF and I are heading off to Queenstown and I am SO excited about having my photo taken and NOT deleting them all! Booyeah!!!

Oh ok here's the stupid pics, I'm struggling to see a change: