Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weight Watchers

So yesterday I bit the bullet and joined weight watchers. I weighed in at 82.1kg and I think my leader must have seen the look in my eyes of humiliation as she kindly says to me "that's the highest weight you'll be here" and it's true. By taking this step while it was hard and hurt my pride a whole lot it was the best thing I could do to stop the downward spiral back to old habits. I had really put a negative box around the program in my mind by telling myself it is disordered to get weighed in each week and weak to need that. That's really not true. When I was sitting in my meeting I realized how much support I have been missing out on and how silly I've been... If I'm really honest it's because I failed at weight watchers and instead of picking myself up and learning I got angry and blamed the program because that's easier than blaming me. Sigh.

At the end of the day the last time I was losing weight successfully was November 2012. So while it feels fresh it really isn't and no wonder my habits have slipped.

So now I'm trucking along and it is a struggle dealing with the hunger that goes with changing from eating like a horse to eating to lose weight but I know my body will adjust after a week or so. Brunch out this morning meant this afternoon was a breakfast for lunch kind of day.

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