Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weigh in Tuesday

Not much going on around here peeps so I'm going to drop in quickly with a weigh in:

SW: 96.3kg

Last week: 74.9kg
CW: 74.5kg

Wooooooooot! Lost 400g!!! So happy. That 400g includes the following indiscretions which I am not 100% proud of but accept that they are part of life and I am happy I have found a healthy way to balance them out:
- Jug of beer at quiz night
- Glass of cider at quiz night
- Toasted sandwich (cheese, ham and pineapple) at quiz night
- Second toasted sandwich at quiz night
- Half another toasted sandwich at quiz night
- McDonald's Chicken McCheese burger yesterday
- Giant jaffas x about 2 per day from my workmate's drawer
- Giant jaffas x 10 or more at the Phoenix game Saturday night!

That same 400g also includes the following achievements:
- My first full 5km run last Tuesday night
- Mitigating quiz night last Wednesday by skipping Friday night drinks
- Walking to and from work every time the weather allowed it
- My second full 5km run on Sunday morning.

So all in all a successful week. I know I set ambitious calorie goals last week to get this weight off faster but at the end of the day I just need to truck along and trust that my body knows what it needs to do.

I am 500g away from being considered a normal/healthy weight and I'm so excited to finally be there. Bring it on October!!!

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