Friday, November 2, 2012


So it's been a while since I've been in the mood to blog, my blogging motivation comes and goes, at the moment I'm not so fussed. But here's the highlights of my life recently

  1. My health - I had a bit of a scare last week when I went to get something I thought was fairly routine checked out and got sent to see a surgeon. I got put on the waiting list to get another opinion and was given some extremely nasty antibiotics as a precaution. They were horrific, I spent 7 days very unwell and am just beginning to feel better now. My exercise was average during that time and so was my eating, I maintained my weight.
  2. My weight - I made the healthy weight range!!!! WHOOAAA!!!!!! From obese to normal weight, I currently hover around the 73.6kg mark, and I've maintained there for a few weeks while I tried to figure out whether to stop or keep going. Tentatively I will keep going until I hit the 60s, but below 68kg isn't looking likely, I like my boobs too much and I'm happy they are still a solid D cup (TMI - I'm sorry).
  3. Running - I signed up for my first ever half marathon!!!! WHOOOAAA AGAIN PEOPLE!!!!! I have been running quite a bit, in fact tonight after work rather than heading off for drinks I ran up a ridiculous hill to the Observatory and back (around 6km) before catching a bus home. I really love distance runs, this weekend I'm aiming for a 9k training run. Booyaaahhh.
  4. Food - I have been experimenting with maintenance over the past few weeks and it has been surprisingly easy. My metabolism seems to be through the roof with all the running, tennis and walking I do so it seems I can get away with quite a lot. Example - We headed home to New Plymouth for labour weekend and I had mucho birthday cake and wine (it was boyfriend's birthday, happy birthday to my favourite!) and a fair bit of hangover food plus more cake, result? Maintained my weight that week. Granted, I did run twice in the three days we were there but still... So yeah, I kinda took a few weeks off tracking everything religiously and stressing about the scales and it's been really nice, last night we celebrated BF finishing his first ever Uni paper by having pizza and beer. I should point out though that my new lifestyle still looks significantly different from my old one even when I am indulging.
    • Old pizza and beer night: Eat half a delivered pizza plus chips plus dessert and drink at least three beers, eat until stuffed and feel terrible the next day.
    • New pizza and beer night: Share a few glasses of a craft beer we enjoy and eat small woodfired pizzas from our local italian place. Stop when satisfied, wake up feeling fine but a little thirsty.
Ok now I'm started I feel like there's a MILLION things I want to say, I shall try not to leave it so long next time!

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