Monday, February 11, 2013


Sometimes despite losing over 20kg I feel absolutely hideously huge and ugly. 
On Saturday I was a groomslady in a close friend's wedding, all day I felt fat, bloated and gross as I have been eating quite badly recently.

Then I saw this picture today and it kind of put life in perspective. Yes I've made some poor choices recently, but I have also made good ones. I can get back on track and I have made a good start.

I try to imagine how I would have felt on Saturday back at my old weight and words can't describe how miserable I would have been and how disgusted I would have been to see the photos. I'm so happy I made this change and so determined to make it last.
I'll leave you with that one just because I think it's hilarious. We found an elephant statue and decided to amuse ourselves with it while the bride and groom were off having their picture taken.