Sunday, February 3, 2013


I gotta tell you guys, despite my eating habits not being great I am living in some EXCITING times right now!!

In 4 weeks and 6 days I get to marry my bestie!

Wanna know something stressful? In 3 weeks and 6 days we move house! Garrrhgghhh!! Our landlord decided he wanted his house back, we were originally going to wait until after the wedding but the cutest little flat came up and we were offered it and couldn't say no!

So, timeline for the next month and a bit:
9th Feb - I'm in the bridal party for a friend's wedding, very excited to be a part of it!
16th Feb - Travelling to another wedding, then home again very quickly because...
17th Feb - Run day! I ended up downgrading from a half marathon to a 7k race which is disappointing but it will still be my first ever running event so I'm both nervous and excited about it all the same.
23rd Feb - My Hen's night and Boyfriend's stag party! Mine is out of town so I have a big roadie for this one!
2nd March - Move house and hope everything for the wedding is under control
9th March - might get married?

Then we get to enjoy a brief honeymoon and then head back to our own little house, just the two of us (we currently live with a flatmate who we are sadly bidding farewell to).

Oh, and my eating yesterday and today has been spot on. This morning I woke up, ran to the gym and did a weights workout. I did a lot with kettlebells which was new and fun, hopefully not too sore tomorrow.

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