Sunday, September 30, 2012

Daylight Savings

Officially my favourite time of the year! When Daylight Savings starts!!

Today after work to celebrate it being so light in the evening I walked home through the Southern walkway (I don't feel comfortable when it's darker...) 

How lucky am I to have views like this on my 45 minute walk home from work?

Tennis was cancelled this evening as our coach is away and Simon is in Palmy for the day so I busted into the garden and got some more veggies in.
This year is probably my best year for gardening, I have become obsessed with germinating seeds in my tiny greenhouse and then making special spots for them in the garden! Here is my main garden, I also have a series of pots and planter boxes but this is my current project obsession.

I know you don't care but bear with me! In there I've got asian stir fry greens, broccoli, 2 varieties of corn, peas, tomatoes, courgette and artichoke. I also have a sprinkling of basil seeds around the tomatoes as tomatoes and basil have a not-so-secret love affair and make each other super happy and tasty when planted close by.
I've got some eggplant, chilli, a million more tomatoes, watermelon, capsicum and squash waiting in the growhouse until the weather heats up a tiny bit more for them to make their garden debut.

So there it is! Not bad for a Monday :)

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  1. I really want to set up a vegetable garden in the house we're about to move into (2 days to go). Since my healthy overhaul our groceries are costing us a LOT more. It's worth it, but I'm in it for the long haul, so growing our own food will help a lot.

    Yours looks fantastic. Might go back and read more about how you got it set up?

    (Sorry. New to your blog. Found it last week).